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I’ve had an insatiable desire to CHANGE THE WORLD! I am a Dreamer with a heart to serve, that believes ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!. I have traveled the world reflecting on the resilience of the human spirit.

I have been a student of life understanding the mind about how we struggle and how we THRIVE!

I don’t know about you, but it took me thousands of dollars in education and years of experience through life lessons to get where I’m at now.

I can show you how to go from Adversity to Abundance, Rags to Riches or Tragedy to Triumphant! If you desire to take a transformational journey with me, It would be my extreme honor and privilege to go alongside you!




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About Toni

Toni Thomas Durden is a best selling author of “Life in the Jetstream and “The Road to Success Vol 2” with Jack Canfield. She’s a successful author certified dream coach speaker an entrepreneur. she’s also the founder of a newly formed nonprofit organization called “Teen life 101” which helps teach teens life skills they need to transition into the real world.

Toni’s goal is to help those you from their past and put them back on their personal journey to fulfilling their life’s purpose. she wants to help others live more abundant courageous and free Life by finding balance within.

Toni has spent several years and hundreds of thousands of dollars on education in personal development, finance, real estate relationships and health and wellness. Toni’s best-selling book “Life in the Jetstream” is about how to Navigate and THRIVE in turbulent times. It’s about learning to overcome obstacles life throws in your way, it teaches you about life lessons, experiences and education on the topics above. Her goal is to help others become successful in less time and with less money, yet heed life lessons when LIFE HAPPENS!

She is a wife of 24 years and a mother of two boys. Toni’s past has been a turbulent journey. Through her life’s experiences she chooses to help those in need. While raising her family she landed her dream job at an early age. This allowed her to see the world. Her culturally diverse background helps give insight to all walks of life.

Still reading? Interesting facts about me

I don’t believe in limitations. I am one that will go over, go under, go through, and go around until I get where I want to go. More importantly, I am all about What if it is POSSIBLE! What if you can do it! Why not give it a GO! Why not get what you want! Attitude creates your altitude. Change how you think about your circumstance.

I am an adventurer. I love discovering new places, people, cultures, activities and anything that broadens my horizons. I’m spontaneous, like to have fun and love making memories that have meaning

I have a huge library so of course I love to read. Most of the books I have are spiritual, business, real estate, financial, educational, autobiographies and anything that I can learn something new to help me become a better human being

I have been a product of a broken home and was a little sister of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of South Sarasota County. When I grew up, it
was an extreme honor to bless those less fortunate in the US and third world countries. Now I welcome the opportunity to serve YOU!

I am grateful to have been able to travel around the globe. I was a small town girl with a BIG DREAM to discover far away lands and I did! This gave me the opportunity and taught me so much about myself, perspective and VISION

My health has been a thorn in my side for years. Although I have had many health issues with weight gain, had malaria, borderline Hashimoto’s disease, several food, dust and pet allergies and being allergic to my own blood. I have intentionally lived my entire life building my immune system naturally. I stayed far away from prescription drugs unless needed immediately. My dad committed suicide on 18 medications a day. Of course, that makes you THINK differently.

My faith is my driving force. My God who has given me second, third and forth chances when I made mistakes. My faith carried me through my darkest days. It was my faith and getting healed from past tragedy and trauma to realize it is a GIFT to help others know they are NOT alone

Freedom to choose what my life looks like and help others do the same. Life is short.There are NO guarantees! If we don’t like what we see, we have the ability to change it. We are taking back the power we gave to others to be who we are
UNIQUELY MADE to be. Be authentic and transparent! Set yourself free from bondage, condemnation, and judgement.