Toni Thomas Durden  is a best-selling author of “Life in the Jetstream” and “The Road to Success Vol 2” with Jack Canfield.  She is a successful Author, Certified Dream Coach, Life coach, Speaker, and Entrepreneur.  She is also the Founder of a newly formed non-profit organization called Teen Life 101 which helps teach teens life skills they need to transition into the real world.

Toni’s goal is to help those heal from their past and to put them back on their personal journey to fulfilling their life’s purpose. She wants to help others live more abundant, courageous and free lives by finding balance within!

Toni has spent several years and hundreds of thousands of dollars on her education in personal development, finance, real estate, relationships and health and wellness. Toni’s best-selling book “Life in the Jetstream” is about how to Navigate and THRIVE in Turbulent Times. It’s about learning to overcome obstacles life throws in your way. It teaches you about life lessons, experiences, and education on the topics above. Her goal is to help others become successful in less time and with less money, yet heed life lessons when LIFE HAPPEN’S!

She is a wife of 24 years and mother of 2 boys. Toni’s past has been a turbulent journey. Through her life’s experiences she chooses to help those in need. While raising her family, she landed her dream job at an early age. This allowed her to see the world. Her culturally diverse background helps give insight to all walks of life.

A Letter From Oprah Winfrey

A Personal Message From Toni:

Thanks so much for stopping by to check out my site. Whether you are just curious or ready for a real change, I’m sure you’ll find something here.

I have always be a believer you can do or BE anything that you choose. Life merely has many obstacles to overcome. Believe me, I’ve been under, around, on top or anyway that gets me to my goal. The path was not so easy.

I have been on a journey finding myself for years. I let my past stand in the way of my calling and purpose. It has been a constant ongoing search, but thankfully the puzzle pieces do come together. I have learned so much and today work to help those around me looking to find their next step to move on. The question is what will you do with the ONE life you are given? What’s stopping YOU from moving towards your Goals & Dreams?

We all experience this thing called life. We are ALL dealt a unique hand of cards. This website is to give you information no matter where you are to hopefully take the next step in your personal journey.

Our experiences are made up of our physical, spiritual, financial, and psychological wellbeing. We need to bring balance to fully engage in who we are. You will find information regarding you’re your personal development which includes health, finance (wealth & fighting debt), building quality relationships, kids and success, getting a life coach and giving back.

I look forward to sharing your journey with you.

Be blessed,
Toni Durden