Clarity – How Do You Get It?

Do you notice how we walk through life unaware? It seems we are sleepwalking by living life by default instead of designing it ourselves. We wake up and let whatever happens, happen. We have not been clear on what we want and how we want it. Most of us can say what we don’t want, but very few of us know exactly what we do want.

Many of the women I coach express the same confusion. “I don’t really know what I want” Years of thinking and providing for the needs of others — partners, children, family, colleagues, clients — means that they very rarely, if ever, have they taken the time to focus and define their own wants and desires.

I’m sure you’ve read that clarity and focus are important qualities for success. Decide what you want, and then pursue it with passion and energy. But what if you’re feeling uncertain and don’t have a lot of clarity about your future direction? What if you can’t decide what you’d like to do next?

Clarity is a decision. Clarity isn’t something that arrives from outside of you. Clarity isn’t a matter of luck either. Clarity is what you create for yourself. Think of the end result your looking for and be open to the possibilities that unfold along the way.


What Will You Get From This Coaching Program:

You will find out what you love to do, what inspires you and the qualities you admire in others.

You will come away with committed goals and clarity on how to get there.

We will create a plan for you that allow you to go at your pace.

We will have weekly practices to align you with your purpose.

We will get rid of patterns and beliefs that are sabotaging the life you want.