Feeling Stuck – How Do I Know?

Sometimes we feel really, really stuck in a situation. We’re stuck in a relationship, stuck in a job, and stuck financially. 

Whichever way we look we are trapped and that’s highly stress inducing. In times of stress we hear of the “Fight or Flight” response. But there is actually a third “F”. 

The human body and psyche actually has 3 responses to stress…Fight. Flight and Freeze. 

When faced with stress where we feel too scared to fight and stand up for ourselves (“Do not speak to me in that manner, it is not okay for me”) or life is too complicated, obligated or constrained for flight (“I hate this job and I am out of here”) we default to the third F. We freeze. We stay stuck in the job, relationship, finances, health, and living situation.

Believing that we are stuck is really damaging because it creates inertia. This is force of non-movement. We do NOTHING!

Feeling stuck sucks our energy, our mojo, our motivation and our ability to get ourselves out of the situation. It feels miserable and destroys our soul. Also, we kid ourselves that we are just delaying making a decision. Next week sounds better than NOW! We wait for God to magically and miraculously get us unstuck. 

Here’s the thing: not making a decision IS MAKING A DECISION. It’s making a decision to stay stuck and wait for the Universe or someone else to decide what will happen next.

What Will You Get From This Coaching Program:

You will discover patterns you are repeating to stop the cycle. We will look at what it is that you want and some of the beliefs that are holding you back. 

We will see if you are integrity with yourself and others. You will learn to set intentions and follow through.

And I personally told her she needs to do this on a larger scale to create a workbook so many others can benefit from her experience. 

Her messages inspiring she encourages you to take the next step whatever that is for you.”