It starts with you! Are you ready to start your journey?

Visit Roadblocks before continuing. What  are they? How to deal with them and How are they holding you back?

Do you know the definition of INSANITY? It is repeating the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

Can you see patterns in your life, that you keep repeating? If so, you have not yet learned the lesson you need.

Understanding that your past has EVERYTHING to do with the present and decisions you make. I want help you reveal WHY you keep getting the same results and nothing seems to change no matter how hard you work. It comes down to finding the root of the problem and where your belief came from.


It’s time to get out of the box.  Your stuck in your comfort zone where you have already been conditioned to stay cozy. Nothing about your life will change unless you GET OUT OF THE BOX! Fear tramples on more peoples progress than anything I know. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of what people think. Let  me say this, because the last one held me back for years. Why do we worry about what others think? Most only talk about you to deflect what’s happening in their lives. They gossip, blame, and discourage. FEAR NOT! Look at the BIG picture. I have empathy for them because they obviously have not been loved enough, valued enough or told they were special because they would never act that way if they had. When you evolve and heal you leave those worries behind. Will you make mistakes and fall sometimes, Of course you will. That’s part of life. It’s not your circumstances that define you, it’s what you do with with it.  Life is about CHOICES! YOU DECIDE!


I have 5 steps to get you on your way. They will be covered at the bottom of this page.

You can  do anything you choose to do. It is your limited beliefs and what you are thinking that holds you back.  I can say it’ s as easy as changing your mind to eat chicken or beef for dinner, but that is common because we have eat everyday and change our minds constantly about what we want.

There are more of us that have a hard time worrying about what’s ahead then what we’ve come through. Fear is something that hasn’t happened yet that holds you captive. Decide now you want to embrace your new life of change. We will discuss a bit about lessons along the way, creating happiness and having the life you want.


This is what happens after you sift through all your old baggage and realize your free to move on.  Happiness is a state of mind. Someone or something will NEVER make you happy.

Things and possessions will NEVER make you happy. Places or people will NEVER make you happy. It comes from within.

Are you happy?  What causes happiness?

The day you stop measuring yourself up with everyone else, true success can be found.       







Several years ago, I saw a book called “How I retired at 26.”  I was excited to hear about how she DID it. I already know anything is possible, but really retiring at 26 I had to read. Honestly, after I read the book I felt gypped. Today, I laugh and just say it was a brilliant title. My perception about retiring is you have to have enough MONEY To sustain your current lifestyle. We start a book with an expectation and the end result in mind. I wanted to see HOW she did it. Technically speaking, she did not financially retire. It was a state of mind, how she retired. When you truly love what you do and it makes you happy everyday, why stop?  I believe that with ALL of my being. So let me encourage you to find that SOMETHING that makes you smile everyday.

The path you take will determine your destiny. We all come to crossroads in our lifetime. The journey may not always be easy, but just make it worth it.


We can win this GAME called LIFE, it’s not a competition against anyone, but yourself. Our society wants you to copy your neighbor, you friends, the celebrities because that is about dollar signs for them. You need to take care of YOU first.

It is possible for you to live a life you have always envisioned. Some of you lost your dream, purpose or passion. It’s time to truly start living. Quit going through life on auto-pilot.



5 steps to get you started.

1) Go to the next First Steps to Success by Dani Johnson

Don’t wait to do this, it is life changing.  My recovery has been a long grueling process.  I was told about Dani for 7 years before I went to see her LIVE. I waited till I lost just about everything.

I’m not into the motivational speaking seminars  to get me hyped for about a day or two. Why spend money on that.

My life changed drastically with the information Dani teaches. Yours will too. It’s difficult to describe what you learn, but when you walk away you will have a clear idea or what you need to do.

I have read a lot of self- help books that helped me along the way. The journey of healing, restoration, and recovery is a lonely process. My true transformation started at this event and  doing the work over the years.  Don’t waste any more time. Email us for discounted tickets. Check out her site at and tell her Toni sent you.

2) Forgiveness

You MUST forgive those that have wronged you, forgive yourself, and ask forgiveness from those you have mistakenly wronged. Write doesn’t any names that you harbor bitterness and resentment.  List those your mad at currently or who have hurt you years ago.  This is your only way of finding peace in the chaos. This is a MUST. Those feelings only hold you prisoner. there is such freedom  in letting go. It holds you back from doing what your suppose to be doing.

2) Gratitude daily

Our society in constantly focused on the negative aspect of everything through the news, TV, papers, peers, neighbors, family and friends.  It is so important to feed your mind positive reaffirming information.  Keep a gratitude journal about what your thankful for. Reach out to others and be the light and inspiration they are looking for to keep positive influences in their life. Find one person a day you can be thankful for and tell them. Gratitude and appreciation go a long way.  If you are married the first person should be your spouse. Do you know the most divorces happen because of finances or not feeling appreciated. Remember why you fell in love in the first place.

3)  Change your thinking–  if you don’t like where you are in life, change it. It is because our decisions yesterday created your current reality.  Don’t think like everyone else. Don’t listen to people that don’t have what you want.  Why do we even take advice from negative , non- productive people? Just because someone is older does not mean they are wiser.  Plug in to like minded people that are on the right track to living a life of purpose. You don’t get what you work for, you get what you focus on.   So what are you focused on. If it is NOT taking you in the direction of your dreams, STOP and turn another way. You have been sidetracked by your current circumstances.

4) Boundaries- Personal space is very important. Many of us didn’t understand how to establish a boundaries, much less know exactly what they are. People inject themselves into your life personally and professionally. I’ll give you some examples of your personal boundaries. Is it acceptable for people to ask you how much money do you have in your bank account? Can they stay with you in your home for FREE?  You may have an open door policy for others to stop  by or you may be someone that wants a call before you arrive. We all have a certain times we don’t want phone calls. We all have different ways we raise children. Most people realize their boundary has been overstepped after the fact. When you are uncomfortable or have an uneasy feeling, this is a good place to start. When you realize it extends you beyond your comfort zone it’s time to tell someone how you feel.

5) Living the Dash

Your life will come and go in a flash. We are not promised tomorrow .  If you have never heard this saying, Ill explain it.  When you die on all tombstones have your name, the day you were born, THE DASH, and the day you died. The dash signifies how you lived while you were here.  What kind of impact did you leave? Did you make a difference? Did you really love? Did you live instead or merely exist? Did you check off most of your bucket list? Please don’t waste what you’ve been given. It’s such a GIFT!

Ill take it a step further. What if you only had six months to live? How would your life change or would it? Have you said everything you wanted to say, done what you wanted to, wrapped up all of your affairs and are at peace if you were gone tomorrow?  You have everything you need within to live an amazing, prosperous, abundant, joyous, and enriched life.  You just have to choose to walk in that freedom.

This is your basic Road Map to Success. Check out my new book “Life in the JetStream” 10 ways to Navigate and THRIVE in Turbulent Times.   You get a lot of details with in the book about my journey. You will get a more detailed  step by step guide to overcome the obstacles in your way. This is how I did it!